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The director’s message


Welcome to Thai Nguyen University – Lao Cai Campus!

Dear friends,

Thai Nguyen University – Lao Cai Campus (TNU-LCC) was established under the Decision No. 6189/ QD-BGDDT issued on December 24, 2015 by the Minister of Education and Training, and headquartered in Group 13, Binh Minh Ward, Lao Cai City, Lao Cai Province (located within the campus of Lao Cai teacher training College).

TNU-LCC is a public, multi-disciplinary and multi-level university affiliated to Thai Nguyen University directly on campus activities, managed by the Ministry of Education and Training; reports activities within the local jurisdiction to Lao Cai People’s Committee; and operates under the regulations of Thai Nguyen University.

LCC holds a great responsibility as a training center to promote quantity and quality of under- and post-graduated human resources; and provide innovative training services, consultancy, scientific and technical transfer, and many others related training. Furthermore, the campus is also as a foundation to promote scientific studies for research and development initiatives; and in addition, to support the application of advanced technologies to create better services in Lao Cai and neighboring provinces by an attempt to unite and collaborate with domestic and international organizations in the many areas including quality education, developments of more scientific research studies and transfer of technologies.

LCC has been continuously improving the quality in training services, researching, and transfer activities which contribute to the increase in the number of opportunities offered to advance technologies and services in order to heighten the reputation within Lao Cai, the northern region and Vietnam as a whole, always striving to become an effective educational institution – working its own way to rank among the top institutions in Southeast region and to be able to achieve standards towards internationalization in several areas. Currently, apart from competitive teaching personnel and prestigious scientists from Thai Nguyen University, LCC has invited foreign experts to directly involve in teaching and conducting research on four key undergraduate majors including Agronomy, Animal Husbandry – Veterinary, Management of Natural Resources and Environment, and Tourism Studies (besides the collaboration with TNU and many other partners to train different fields); in addition, these professionals are working with educational institutions to perform post-graduate education.

LCC has loyal and dedicated employees, advanced facilities to service for the innovative needs of society, creating the proper academic environment for students. The campus always puts the professional development of every staff among the priorities; thus actively offering them the opportunities to join domestic and foreign training programs and research projects. Presently, LCC provides training programs under the credit system following the standards from Ministry of Education and Training; and effectively cooperates with various respected institutions in Vietnam and the many countries across the world.

To better implement these plans, LCC encourages teaching staff and researchers to conduct and publish scientific researches; upgrades laboratory facilities; and applies up-to-date teaching methods in order to support students to enhance their knowledge and creative thinking. In order to integrate and meet social requirements of the next generation, LCC is relentlessly building and expanding effective, collaborative relations with Vietnam and foreign businesses, institutes, universities, and organizations involving education, scientific research, and technology transfer. Particularly, LCC is working its way towards promoting fields of international training and close cooperation among managers – scientists – businesses – employing units.

All of the above efforts reflect LCC’s strong commitment in improving the quality of teaching and education in Vietnam. LCC is looking forward to firm collaboration in different fields with universities, research institutes, authorities, business enterprises and individuals with the purpose of serving the needs of Lao Cai in specific and the whole society. On behalf of the staff, lecturers, and students of LCC, I would like to send best regards to all of you.



 Assoc. Prof. Hoang Van Hung



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